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HepHom Facilities Management Ltd is an integrated service solutions provider for gated communities, apartments in Kenya and corporate offices. We have been in operations for over five years,
offering value in service charge management. This includes service charge collection, provision of gardening, and landscaping, cleaning, security and garbage collection solutions to our clients. We also offer borehole Water provision management to our clients

Modern Kitchen



Ideally, property owners or residents should be the ones forming or hiring property managers — an arrangement that would allow them to peg the service charges based on the real costs of providing the shared amenities and share surpluses that may accrue from efficient

The lack of audit in some of these management companies has caused disagreements amongst residents thus challenging the ideal of a peaceful harmonious community.     

The Kenya housing landscape has changed and there is a lot of value in gated communities. For those that are well managed, they have been quite essential in spurring growths as they offer the greatest return on investment.


To provided a measurable performance based service that ensures quality service that is clearly seen


Cost clarity – we provide clarity of cost.

Staff capabilities – are you able to hire and retain suitably qualified staff to carry out the wide variety of functions in a modern building, school or stadium.

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