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Landscaping - A Brief History

Updated: Mar 21

Landscaping isn’t new. It is, in fact, an art that dates way back in human history, although it’s worth noting that the term landscape architecture wasn’t used until the 18th century. In the Roman Era, houses of notably rich and powerful families have manicured gardens and lawns and Japanese estates have their famous Zen garden. During the Renaissance period, the scope of art has extended beyond painting and literature. It also spread into the field of architecture, extending into lawns and gardens. Thus, landscaping as we know it was born. This practice had endured until the very day.

But unlike before, landscaping can be observed in most houses today and not just in luxurious celebrity homes either. In fact, it is a lot more common for modern households to have landscaped yards instead of plain ones. One reason for that is how beneficial this practice is. Landscaping has many ways of improving the overall appearance of a place. There are other practical benefits to doing landscaping as well. For example, having plenty of trees, plants, and other vegetation in your home can help control flooding. On top of that, you can have plants surrounding you that release oxygen and curbs greenhouse gases.

If your have an outdoor space or even reside in a flat we encourage our prospective and current clients to utilize to space to bring a little nature home.

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